Our Conscious Community!

The Wellness Place was started as a community venue for Conscious Businesses to gather and share their expertise, experiences, knowledge, & Heart. A place for everyone in all cultures, religions, races, gender and age to all come and feel Loved, Renewed, Refreshed, and Ready to Take On The World! Over the past few years multiple businesses have hopped on board so it is an ever-changing, ever-growing, big, beautiful, & FUN journey we are on here! 


-Meet Our Big Happy Synergistic Family of Businesses!



Sukhin Chawla- Newest Owner of  The Wellness Place & also the owner of Saddi Chai Tea & The Highlands Gossip and Glamour:  Sukhin is a Journalist, Blogger and former T.V Presenter for Doordarshan Network in India. She has a Masters Degree in Agriculture and is a Yogi, Bollywood & Punjabi Dancer, Teacher, and extremely passionate about the Ayurvedic Lifestyle/ Ayurvedic Body Products being incorporated into daily lives for overall wellness. She also owns a tea company called “Saddi Chai Teas,” which are delicious healthy blends of Indian teas for detoxes, daily drinks, and for her Themed Tea Parties & Indian Cooking Nights that we have here! Join Sukhin for some of her Dance Classes, Tea Parties, and Spa Nights! We are so proud of our girl for all of her incredible accomplishments since she has been in America!!! Go Sukhin Go!




Amy Jill Hargis  (Previous Owner of the Wellness Place), Current Owner of  Bhuvana Naturals Aromatherapy, Rainforest Retreats, & Co-Owner of Reciprocitree: Amy is a Healing Minister with a Master’s Degree in Counseling and attended Hillsong International Leadership College in Australia for Social Justice and Youth Ministry. She is also a Sound Healer, Certified Yoga Teacher, Belly Dancer, Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise & Posture Specialist, Martial Artist, Kettlebell  & Pilates Instructor, Senior Fitness Specialist, Plant-Based Nutritionist, and certified in Vedic Thai Body Stretching as well as Aroma Touch© which uses essential oils to promote wellness. She has also recently been accepted for her Doctorate in Counseling for Stress Management & Emotions. She has also recently expanded and partnered up with Archaic Roots in a Monolithic Dome Home  40 minutes down the mountain in Lakemont GA doing Holistic Retreats!  To get in contact with Amy personally about a Private Session, Relaxation Package, Retreat Information & More, Call or text 828-316-7099 (or email  AmyJHargis@gmail.com)
Connect via Email: Amyjhargis@gmail.com

Connect via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amy.j.hargis  

Connect via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thewellnessplacenc/




William Rodriguez- Owner of Archaic Roots & Co-Owner of Reciprocitree Networking: William is our amazing “Man of the Land,” and can pretty much build, hunt, or make Anything! He is truly devoted to self sustainability, living off the land & off grid, (also teaching others how to do live that way!) Being the owner of the Archaic Roots Monolithic Dome Home he leads Retreats, Drum Circles, Indigenous Instrument Building Presentations & Workshops; Drums, Flutes, Didgeridoos,  (for adults, children, festivals, schools, etc), Shamanic Smudge Fan Building Workshops & Ceremonies, Drum Lessons, Flute Lessons, Sound Healing with Cultural Storytelling, Djembe 101 Workshops,  & ENDLESS other things! William also works out of Lakemont (by Rabun Lake) and has classes down at his studio so you can catch him at multiple places! To stay connected with all of the collaborative workshops and retreats check out www.archaicroots.com contact him directly  email info@wargraphicarts.com   

You can also check him out at his website www.wargraphicarts.com

Connect via Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/ArchaicRootsArt/Connect via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/archaicroots/



Melody Lightheart-  Owner of Lightheart Living and Lala Land Organics: Coming from a long line of professional musicians and teachers, Melody is a Sound Healer, Raw Food Consultant & Chef, Professional Artist, Teacher of 20 years, 5 year Reiki practitioner (and the sweetest woman in the world!!!) She teaches Raw Food classes, conducts Sound Healing Concerts and Gong Immersions, she also offers Doggie Massage & Reiki sessions, as well as private sessions promoting wellness and peace of mind for people of all ages and walks of life. You can book a private with Melody or drop into one of her events on the schedule! www.lalalandorganics.com

Connect via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lightheartlivingservices/?fref=mentions

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: https://www.instagram.com/melodylightheart/




Kate Masca- Life Coach, Healthy Homesteader, Entrepreneur, Essential Oil Enthusiast, Kate is so incredibly cute and bubbly, she’s such a joy to be around, but don’t underestimate her- this gal is a Go-Getter and excited about life, self sustainable farming practices, her goats, community, her and her husband’s (Rafi) Retreat Center they have been building and we think they are just Stellar! Join Kate, Rafi (or both!) for one of their Acrobatic Partner Yoga & Essential Oil Workshops here! For more info on Kate and her oils/wellness plans, visit www.katemasca.com



Copper Fox- What can we say about Copper Fox??? One- We Love Her! Two- she is Fun, and fearless, helpful, grateful, non judgmental,  understanding, compassionate, talented, and a Blast to be around! She has a heart that you can feel from a mile away, a brain that you could pick all day, and a gift that can change your life in many ways! That was an unintentional rhyme but Perfect for her! Haha! Really- Copper is such a blessing and we support her endeavors in everything she does because she is such a down to earth healer and counselor. Join Copper Fox for one of her Shamanic Breathwork Workshops!





Tina Firewolf- First off, this woman is Unbelievable! Talk about a sweet, loving, funny, Powerhouse of a lady! Tina is a renown Author, Speaker, Teacher, Singer, Photographer and Healer. She recently did a TEDx presentation (super flipping exciting- Congrats Tina!) about her life, journey, and book, “Beneath The Chatter.” Her Ignition Nights here are full of love and light, inner healing and Expression through songs, drums and going deep within. Join Tina here for one of her workshops or retreats! You will never regret doing so! http://www.tinafirewolf.com/




Matthew Kelly- Owner of Midnight Mushrooms: Matthew is a renown Eco-Farmer, Chef, Teacher, Entrepreneur and Mushroom Expert! From foraging to cultivating, he is one Seriously Fun-gi! Matthew leads the local CSA here where locals can buy the best quality Organic, Non GMO, fresh produce and local organic goods. He is passionate about Self Sustainability and being able to source your own food. Join Matthew for one of his Mushroom Walks & Talks, our Gourmet Mushroom Dinner Nights, one of his workshops, or contact us to join his CSA!





Brian Piergrossi- The Big Glow: Brian is a renown Author, Teacher, International Speaker, Healer and so many more things! He leads his retreats for The Big Glow here and we have met some of our best friends through them! His mindful teachings bring clarity, a lighthearted load off your shoulders, some laughs, walks in nature or out back by the fire in colder seasons, you can find him at any of his Big Glow Retreats, Satsangs, or Workshops that he holds! Yaaaaaay Brian! To find out more about him and his events you can visit www.thebigglow.com






Jennifer Laughingbear- Owner of Barefoot Therapy:  Customizing massage blends that are both relaxing and therapeutic for clients, Jennifer is literally One Of A Kind! Our fun and adventurous Nomadic Yogi Masseuse has lived, trained and taught all over the world and her stories are to Die for! She studied at Suddha Anand Yogshala in the Himalayan foothills of India and loves to share their music, culture, and ways of life. From Myofascial Sports Massage to Shiatsu and Thai, this gal rocks our world in every avenue and cultural practice. When she is not traveling the world she is here with us teaching what she has learned living abroad (Wherever she is! Ha!) Jennifer’s sweet and funny charm mixed with intuitive and skilled bodywork/massage will leave you feeling Renewed and Enlightened!



Arthur Cataldo- – is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, LMBT, Sound Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Cymatherapy® practitioner, International Sound Therapy Assoc ( Board of Directors 2008-2011 President 2009-2011). He also spent 30 years as a clinical psychologist for individuals, couples and groups. Needless to say, Arthur is Incredible, and beyond knowledgeable in various cultural practices and healing modalities. Not to mention he is known for his works in using healing Frequencies in a portable device which can be used for everything from Emotional Trauma to Lyme Disease, he and Dr. Flick’s work is Revolutionary! Join Arthur at any Holistic Highlands Festival, a Workshop, or Book A Private!


























“The challenge of Social Justice is to evoke a sense of community that we need to make our nation a better place, just as we make it a safer place.”

-Marian Wright Edelman