About Us


   Founded in Early 2015 The Wellness Place was created to be a Fun, Judgement Free space for everyone of every culture to feel at home and be able to branch out and learn a wide variety of The Healing Arts. We are a Collective & Collaborative of multiple businesses gathering under one venue as well as an Educational Based Retreat & Resource Center for an extensive range of Wellness Programs including:

*Yoga   *Sound Healing & Sound Therapy  *Wellness Workshops  *Retreats   *Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking   *Functional Farming   *Hydroponic Gardening   *Meditation & Kirtan    *Massage & Bodywork   *Hypnotherapy    *Reiki    *Energy Work   *Anointed Prayer   *Mindfully Based Stress Reduction Techniques   *Djembe Drumming & Drum Circles    *Vocal Yoga & Toning    *Private Training    *Pilates & Fitness    *Plant Based Nutrition    *Postural Alignment       *Pastoral Counseling    *Vedic Thai Body Stretching and so much more!

Our Mission at The Wellness Place is overall cultural development and lifestyle enrichment by the simple process of reducing stress through an active, supportive & balanced lifestyle in these sacred Cherokee mountains. Hop in a Class or book a One-on-One Private Session to get started today!


****GOOD NEWS!!! WE HAVE EXPANDED!!! Another 2000 square feet of BLISS! The Healing Spa is a Holistic Highlands Co-op of multiple healers and practitioners for Spa Parties and Private Sessions! Upstairs holds:

*Infrared Sauna w/ Chromatherapy      *Infrared Jade & Amethyst Bio-Mat      *Himalayan Salt Therapy Room      *Vitamin D- Light Bath      *Full Body Vibration Machine      *Ionic Foot Bath Detox    *Hypnosis      *Hemi-Sync Brain Wave Music Therapy      * Reiki, Massage, Energy Work and MORE!

The Rainforest Retreats Wellness Vacation Rentals are being built downstairs coming this next season! Swedish Bonfire Pits are already installed and ready to see some action! Now Booking Retreats!****