August 5th from 12-6pm- Come and be inspired by building your own Indigenous  instruments! Learn the history and intentions behind the shamanic tools and then build your very own shamanic Rattle and didgeridoo! A fun and educational approach to learning different cultures and their styles of music and instruments while building community and synergy.
You may come for one or both workshops- Come and go as you please just make sure you have enough time to construct!
Rattle Building  from 12-3
Didgeridoo Building from 3-6 

Bring any materials or mementos that you would like to add on to personalize your instrument; feathers, gems, stones, metals, etc. We will have materials here as well.  Feel free to bring snacks or lunch! We love a good ol’ potluck!
Rattle- $35 Didge- $40 Both Workshops for- $60