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“The Wellness Place is the PERFECT place for exactly what its name implies!! It’s a place to recharge, heal, unwind, and just feel better! We’re not talking your average “spa,” here; We’re talking about wellness from the inside out!! Amy Jill Hargis is, not only a ridiculous wealth of knowledge, but, a beautiful and compassionate soul, who generously offers her time to teach others how to improve their quality of life! Amy is entirely dedicated to helping others heal through teaching them! There is a plethora of fun and educational classes and workshops offered, and I PROMISE YOU, something for everyone to enjoy! The love of her community, and overall love of people, is obvious in every thing she does! Her kind heart makes more of a difference than she could realize. If you’re looking for a valuable resource for changing your way of life for the better, learning something new and fun, or just unwinding….you ABSOLUTELY won’t want to miss some time at The Wellness Place!!”  
 -Rebecca Owens/  Clayton GA.
“What a beautiful place filled with such beautiful people. My wife and I had an amazing time and we can’t wait to visit again.”
-Seth Vaughn/ Asheville
“What a beautiful session with Melody Lightheart, a truly beautiful soul!!! Chocolate tasting, and an INCREDIBLE sound session capped off a wonderful, quite fulfilling weekend.”
-Greg Cowen/ Brevard NC
“The Wellness place is so warm and welcoming! I got to experience this for the first time during an awesome workshop that was presented there tonight. Can’t wait to go back for yoga and other amazing workshops! I also can’t wait to see how my orgonite turned out!”
-Nikki Talerico/ Franklin NC


“Fabulous place. Yoga in the morning, sauna during the day, vegan food, music and great people.”

-Matthew Adams/ Professor- Savannah GA


“The relaxation package made me feel refreshed/recharged and really clean inside and out. Food is also really good! Whole body vibration machine, light bath, and infrared sauna. The infrared sauna heating you up from the inside makes a huge difference.”

-Nolan Thompson/ Producer- FL


“My granddaughter is almost 8 years old and she has found her “place” for certain. So absolutely thankful for the kids class!!!!!”

-Terri Kennedy/ Highlands NC



“Great place to get your blood pumping and relax, with wonderful people! Highly suggest visiting and taking a class.”

 -Kendra Kalis/ Hairdresser- Asheville NC


“Robert & Amy helped me remember that the spiritual knowledge & energy we gain from meditation are meant to manifest in our lives for the benefit of those we know & work with. I work with children in my profession and must remain clear & compassionate in order to discover & ease their burdens. They made it clear to me again that, as humans we are not quickly learning to adjust to our new burden of knowledge & technology. I look forward to the next crystal bowl meditation, as it’s one of the 2 kinds of meditation experiences that can corral my undisciplined mind. Thank you both for your work with humanity. ”

– Suzzette Williams/ Owner Journeys in Yoga- Tallahassee, FL ) 



“Very insightful and helpful folks here. Amy is the best and tries her best to get those folks to her place that are well educated in many forms of health and wellness. I would Highly recommend this business and this person to anyone that would ask.”

 -Wendell McCarty/ Kangen Water- Franklin GA


“Great spot for yoga ,fun and relaxation!”

-Mike McGarity/ Lawyer- Atlanta GA



“All excellent teachers, each with their own style and approach. Amy is bright and sunny, with no shortage of enthusiasm. Her style is FUN, and oriented towards enjoying each moment and challenge of every class. Rob’s soft spoken demeanor makes his style seem easy going, but his commitment to facilitating growth and healing guarantees a healthy challenge. Most importantly though, is that they both teach and act from the Heart. Both of them guide you through the “how” and “why” of whatever you or they are doing, and you’ll soon find that nothing they do is without purpose. Having attended their classes, workshops, and one-on-one wellness programs (AromaTouch with Amy, Sound Healing with Rob) I can honestly say that anyone coming to them is in for a very fulfilling experience! Forget 5/5, they’re 10/10 and I’ll keep coming back again!! “

– Hosta Mahoagy/ Highlands,NC


“From first meeting Amy I’ve enjoyed her enthusiasm, patience, love of healthfulness, and demeanor. She has a disarming personality and makes everyone feel welcome. They have really created a wonderful place to practice and heal.”

-CJ Camp / Miami, FL


“The Wellness Place is bringing a fresh sense of community and wellness and great food to our little paradise. Definitely worth checking out all they have to offer.”

-Deb Berlin – Juice Plus, Highlands N.C