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Since we have recently expanded into a Conscious Collective, one of the businesses we now have on board is called “ReciprociTree,” which is a conscious networking company that brings updates for all of the upcoming Events, Workshops, Retreats, Teacher Trainings, and more! If you would like to follow our events on Facebook for the multiple locations you can! The specific ones for The Wellness Place in the Highlands location will also be listed in our Blog posts on here!

ReciprociTree Events Page:  ReciprociTree Events  

Also, take a look at our Past Events:



Friday May 9th- Join David Lonebear Sanipass at The Wellness Place for TEA! (Time, Earth, Air)

David Lonebear Sanipass is a living archive of the star teachings… a scientist, a basketmaker a teacher of teachers. He is the last Sagen of the Mi’Kmaq people.

At TEA; (Time Earth Air),we come together to learn how to be teachers of kindness in action. Teas are circle gatherings that include a moment of silence, a “check-in”, and whatever sharing comes forward as we deepen our understanding of the Star Teachings.

Star Teachings are the vibration of the human mind and spirit together and have nothing to do with a religious culture. Star Teachings are simple lessons that help us create a world in which we allow kindness to guide our actions. Kindness is the language everyone can understand. As we turn “me” into “we”, we nurture peace within our Selves, our families, our communities, and our planet.

Please join us in listening, learning, and activating the energy of our community. All are welcome, and feel free to bring a drink or snack to share! Hot tea is provided.

All donations will go to Star Teachings Society, a non-profit organization, and will support the continued sharing of these teachings. Thank you to The Spiritual Light Center for allowing us to use this space.

We are stars…let your light shine.

Hope to see you there at this special and timely event. Thank you!



Friday, May 12th-


Friday, May 12th- Enter the ethereal realms of harmonic sound as Michelle Angel plays her sacred instruments: Planetary Gongs, Crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, and the Halo Handpan drum. Orchestrating these instruments, she sculpts a rich and varied harmonic soundscape to relax you and take you on an inward journey.

What to bring: Please bring a mat and pillow for your deep horizontal meditation.

How much to pay: $20. Pay it now


Saturday May 20th- 10am-2pm- Join Julie Copper Fox for a One Day Shamanic Breathwork Workshop at The Wellness Place!The Magic of the Breath has been with us from the very beginning of time. It gives us Life and Life Force Energy! In meditation, one of the goals is to quiet the mind and purposeful breathing is often slow. In Shamanic Breathwork, one of the goals is activation! Breathing is deeper and faster and super-oxygenates the brain. The result is a journey in an awake, but dream-like state and you are the Dream Master!

WHAT TO EXPECT: The group will sit in a circle and learn about the breathwork process. Everyone will lay on a palette or yoga mat, next will be a circular breathing exercise with music, followed by a group art process, and finally some group integration. There will be two breaks.

ABOUT JULIE: Julie Copper Fox is full of life, fun-loving and ever-grateful. She loves to learn, loves to teach, and highlights on interaction and self-determination as she assists people in finding their own path. She is an NC Peer Support Specialist, a Certified Recovery Coach, an ordained Shamanic Minister and teaches Shamanic Breathwork, Vision Board Workshops and doTerra Essential Oil classes. She is also currently attending WCU, majoring in psychology and social work. “We heal ourselves from the inside out. I believe we are all potential Shamans when we have an open heart and an open mind and are willing to work on ourselves to begin, and continue, the inner healing!”

~ Julie Copper Fox

+++WORKSHOP PRICE+++ $50. Pay it now

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: Please send a private message for confirmation.

WHAT TO BRING: An Open Heart. An Open Mind ~ Palette Roll (comforter or sleeping bag as padding, blanket, and pillow. Hint: Roll up and strap with bungee cord or scarf.) Water bottle, Light lunch (refrigerator available)

~Optional ~ Journal, Sacred Object, eye mask, or anything else for your comfort!





Monday, May 22nd- 7:30-8:30 Join Melody Lightheart for Bowl’d and Courageous! +++DONATION BASED EVENT+++ and relax, meditate, reprogram and daydream ourselves into a positive outlook on life! As you are encompassed by soothing and stimulating sounds, allow them to reduce stress, clear blocks, and serve as a reset – so that you may embody your highest potential and allow in all that is good! This session welcomes you to utilize and incorporate an array of transformative sounds into your meditation and bowl’dly exchange fear and procrastination for courage and productivity in any area of your life!


Vibrational Sound Therapy has Measurable Health Benefits. Sound tools such as the gong, singing bowls, drums, bells, crystal singing pyramids, tuning forks and more, create harmonious and meditative, medicinal music – facilitating restorative deep relaxation, enhanced clarity, increased vitality, stress reduction/lowering cortisol, reduction of inflammation, boosts endorphins/mood enhancement, lowers blood pressure as much as 5 points, lowers heart rate and slows the pulse, assists in sleep pattern regulation, effective therapy for post traumatic stress, and balances brain chemistry/sympathetic branch and parasympathetic branch.


It also greatly helps us to tune into a place of inner peace, clear stored-up blockages and release heavy energy – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


The ancients used Vibrational Sound Therapy for upliftment, healing, meditation, ceremony and many community-oriented events. They taught that different sounds form different patterns – creating shapes, sizes and densities that manifest all around us. They saw sound as the most influential vibration known to man and a power that could be harnessed to create positive change.




Sunday, May 28th 12-3pm- Join us & William Rodriguez, owner of Archaic Roots & Pachamama Drums for a fun and enlightening day building Dreamcatchers! We will first be out in the woods of Chinquapin, collecting natural art supplies and then come back to The Wellness Place where we will learn about native culture and the history behind them while we create our own 2-D or 3-D Dreamcatchers. You may bring any feathers, charms, beads, crystals and more to add to your dreamcatcher.

$35 Workshop & Hike




Saturday, June 3rd- Join Joey Dukes for  for Gongs, Bells and Bowls! Gongs, with or without accompaniment, have been used for thousands of years as tools for transformation and the soundscape created in this event can support meditation, contemplation or simple relaxation.   Most who attend Sound Immersions prefer to lie down and the Wellness Place has some mats and cushions available, but feel free to bring whatever you need to be comfortable.

Tickets are $15 at the door or $12 in advance. Pay it now

Please Join us!




Sunday, June 4th- 12-3pm- Come and learn about the ancient practice of smudging and build your own smudge fan with William Rodriguez of Archaic Roots! We will be designing them out of all natural materials that you can both bring, and we will find on our hike to Secret Falls. (There will also be some extra materials here to use.)
Enjoy the peaceful walk to the waterfalls, connect with nature, find natural art pieces that resonate with you and then come back to create your own shamanic tool for smudging. Clear the air, clear your home of old energy, & make way for the New! We will end with a smudging ceremony and instructions on how to properly smudge spaces and one another.
$40 Workshop

***If you would like to stay after for the Prayer Bundle Smudge Stick Workshop it’s $50 for both- $5 Off.)

single workshop for Smudge Fan

both workshops- Smudge Fan & Prayer Bundle Smudge Stick




Sunday, June 4th- 3:30-4:30pm Come and create your own Prayer Bundle Smudge Stick with intention, mindfulness, and community. Hosted by William Rodriguez of Archaic Roots
$15 for single workshop
$10 if you are attending the Shamanic Smudge Fan Workshop & Hike from 12-3pm. ($50 for both)





Saturday, June 10th– This 2 hour, TWO-IN-ONE EVENT is sure to be fun and expansive for people of all walks of life! Join us at The Wellness Place, Highands, NC with SPECIAL GUEST, Billy Zanski – a multi-instrumentalist, teacher, professional sound healing facilitator and owner of Skinny Beats Drum Shop & Gallery, one of the most popular music shops in downtown Asheville, NC. This event includes participation in an exciting drum workshop and access to receive the benefits of a vibrational sound bath. Billy will be traveling to Highlands to share an extraordinary variety of auditory inspiration. His talent and top-quality selection of authentic  instruments such as drums, singing bowls & gongs of many sizes, and much more, provide layers of healing harmonies to create monumental soundscapes. This is an event that you won’t want to miss!

*** AFRICAN DRUM WORKSHOP: This workshop will allow you to dive into playing the West African Djembe, whether you are a first-timer or advanced level! You’ll be AMAZED at how this MASTER TEACHER can get everyone playing in unison!


Billy Zanski is an International Sound Healing Practitioner, serving the community of Asheville and beyond on a weekly basis – providing an authentic and restorative experience for everyone who attends. People literally pack into his events and slots for private sessions, and Billy only comes to visit us a few times a year – so PRE-REGISTER while you can! This event is limited to 30 people and it’s First Come First Serve!


$30 in Advance

$35 at the Door

Pay it now

Includes a djembe for the night, and an opportunity to buy your own!

We extend a huge thanks to Billy Zanski and look forward to this event!






July 1, 2017– Holistic Highlands Festival is a fun outdoor festival for all age groups. Join us for this collaborative of renown Chefs, Artists, Musicians, Doctors, Healers, Vendors and so much more!!! We are not only a plaza of businesses, but a Family of synergistic businesses who support each other and build up our teamwork for the Bigger Cause. To become a Vendor or donate to the cause, pay here




Saturday July 8th 12-4pm Kids instrument making workshop series 1 with William Rodriguez of Archaic Roots

Kids bored this summer? Bring them to the instrument workshops and let them create while being educated in a fun way!
Using repurposed materials we will build own own custom instruments. This 4 hour class starts start at 1pm and runs until 5pm.

What it includes?

~2 instruments made and decorated in 4 hours- drum and rainstick
~ indigenous instrument and culture education
~ science behind how these instruments make sounds
~ demonstrations of various instruments from around the world
~ tons of fun mixed in an educational environment

This is the first in a summer series which will include over 8 instruments made throughout the summer. Join the mailing list to be updated when new workshops are scheduled.




Saturday, July 8th- 7-8pm- Donation Based Collective Drum Circle– Join us for an evening of Drumming and a Potluck dinner afterwards! Donation Based event, led by William Rodriguez, owner of Archaic Roots.
Help build community, learn the history of the drum and feel the healing abilities that it carries, mind, body, & soul!
Drumming from 7-8
Potluck from 8-9 (who are we kidding- whenever you go home!)
Bring any dish or snack for afterwards!
See You There! 🙂




THIS AUGUST!!!! – Join us for another one of our Rainforest Retreats! We have just partnered up with Lightheart Living and Archaic Roots to throw an even Bigger and Better Retreat than EVER! Celebrating the Solar Eclipse and the Sacred Masculine/ Sacred Feminine- we will have a beautiful, fun, enlightening, inspiring, awakening, music & drum filled, time that will leave you feeling connected and Alive!

People can start to come Friday evening (Aug 18th) to relax before we start the festivities on Saturday at Noon. Friday night is donation based for attendees, and practitioners are welcome to come set up. People are welcome to just join for the weekend part for the $525 or $425 Early Bird Special (or also daytime as well for drop in fees.)

A Fun filled gathering with *Men & Women’s Empowerment, Drumming & Indigenous Instrument Building, Herbalism Workshops, Aerial Arts (Silks, Hoops, Trapezes, Aerial Rings, YOU NAME IT) *Acrobatics, *Hiking, *Waterfalls, *Sound Healing, *Gong Immersions *Russian Kettlebell *Dance *Buti Yoga *Vinyasa *Vedic Thai Body Stretching, *Flow Arts Hooping, *Live Music, *Essential Oils *Restorative Yin *Organic Food, *Bonfires, *Views of the Eclipse & sooooomuch more!!

We also have The Healing Spa which is donation based on retreats- Infrared Sauna, Jade Bio-Mat, Vitamin D-Light Bath, Ionic Foot Detoxes & lots of other fun toys! ?✌️

Price is All Inclusive for food and accommodations, we have houses available and more being built onsite. It’s a fun and Beautiful way to connect with nature and each other!
$525 all inclusive
(Early Bird Discount $425 before May 30th)
****Locals Rates available if you would just like to drop in for a day or 2****
FOR BOOKING CALL: 828-316-7099 or 828-526-9698 Cash/Check/Card/Paypal or Apple Pay available

See You There!!!!






Sunday April 30th 5-7pm Orgonite Building Workshop with Zach Conner!  $15- After the success of our first workshop. We are going to have second workshop on Orgonite building. We have all been SO EXCITED about this! Orgonite is used to help protect your home from radiation, EMF’s, & all the harmful effects of wifi, etc. You’ll get a brief history of it’s origins, it’s modern uses, and get to make your own!  We will have the mold and resin to make the orgonite, if you have any special crystals or stones,  you are welcome to bring them!

image4April 23, 2017– The Big Glow Day Retreat with Brian Piergrossi, an Author, Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher who will take you to the awakening journey of your soul, mind and body. Join us for the spiritual,l yet fun journey.


March 30, 2017– Join Kennedy’s wonderful Sound Healing Session to tune into yourself. Kennedy’s greatest passion is to provide opportunities for the experience of inner stillness. Knowing that true peace in the world must have it’s roots in the ground of our own awareness, these sound healing journeys are designed to provoke the consciousness of the listener, and to soothe the mind so that the true essence can emerge.




March 26, 2017– Join Melody Lightheart, a Certified Healing Practioner, Sound Healer, Chocolatier and a Raw Food Chef, for a wonderful journey of vibrational musical therapy to immerge into deeper sense of self. Both, raw cacao and sound healing are a great ways to take anxiety and stress out of the body. It For more information, please CLICK HERE.


Fam- Jam Musical After Hour (Wednesdays) : Join the Party every Wednesday at 7.15 pm. There are no fees for this event, feel free to bring any instrument. Fam-Jam Musical Nights will resume in the Fall!


Join us for the encouraging event to build community and boost each other by sharing ideas and advising on new marketing opportunities and expansions. The date is announced on request. Stay Tuned for another YEAH Meeting!


Wednesday January 18th 6:30pm- Join Raw Foods Expert Melody Lightheart  for another one of her amazing Vegan Cooking Classes, this one will be her Lightheart Living Lasagna! Melody is an absolutely lovely teacher with a heart and passion for all things Healthy!


Friday January 20 @ 6:30pm- Gongs, Bells and Bowls Concert with Joey Dukes! – Joey is an amazing professional musician with a light in his eyes and a song in his heart! Come be immersed in a 90 minute relaxing and healing sound healing Sound Bath. No experience necessary, just come unwind, let go, and enjoy the music!

african drummer performs, this is a detail of hands beating the drum.

Friday Jan 27th @ 6:30 African Drum Circle & Dinner Night!  Once a month a few of us businesses collaborate and have a Themed Drum Circle Night, this months will be African so we will have an African based dinner after the drumming and jam sesh! All Ages are welcome, Kids have a blast,bring any instrument you like otherwise we have some here! Drums, Guitars, Rainmakers, Tambourines, Anything you feel like! Thanks to Pachamama Drums, The Spice & Tea Exchange of Highlands, The Highlands Gossip & Glamour, Lightheart Living and the rest of the gang! We have also changed it to DONATION BASED!

Meet World Renown Sound Healers Paradiso and Rasamayi! These sweet souls (I’m not even kidding- they are Literally the SWEETEST PEOPLE EVER!!!) are So looking forward to being of service to our Community here and bringing healing songs and harmonic overtones into Highlands at The Wellness Place! They will be providing a sound healing concert on Wednesday, 10/26 at 7PM and Crystal Bowl Workshop (Aum Tune Up)  on Thursday, 10/27 at 7PM 



The Speakeasy 1920’s Prohibition Dance Party!


Come join Noelle Holland for a fabulous night of dinner and dancing Speakeasy style! Friday October 14th 6:30-8:30 *Food and Drinks Provided! $35 single ticket $50 for 2!


Bali Dancing and Indian Dinner Night! Join us for a fun monthly Themed Night Party with Bali Dance 101 and an Indian Dinner prepared by Sukhin Chala! A great way to unwind and learn the art of Bali Dance with your friends and then stay for a healthy dinner if you desire! $35 For Dinner and Dancing ($20 for just one) August 19th! See You There!




Holistic Highlands Natural Health and Wellness Festival October 8th! It’s here again! Our twice a year Wellness Festival with local practitioners, healers, doctors, nutritionists, speakers and More! If you would like to be a vendor please let us know- first come first serve! 🙂 This is a donation based event all day so by all means bring the whole family- pets too! Indoor outdoor festivities, food, music and wellness lectures and classes all day! Saturday October 8th 9am-5pm!

BANNERWe are so incredibly EXCITED to share with you the New Expansion of The Healing Spa and Rainforest Retreats Vacation Rentals! Now booking Retreats and Events for Fall, Winter and 2017! Enjoy!Rainforest RetreatsRainforest Retreats2Rainforest Retreats3



Past Events:


Monette Chilson

$25 Self Investment

$40 Self Investment (Autographed Book Included!)


banner13603801_1080009945425356_2044004227842673477_oAcro Yoga Teachers Training with Joaquin Antonio of Boom Yoga .           August 4-7 2016

Come and experience Acro and Partner Yoga Teachers Training with Yogi Joaquin Antonio of Boom Yoga! Deepen your practice, develop new skills, and learn how to Trust yourself and your partner in this beautifully committed practice of Yoga and Acrobats. This is a Great place to start if you are interested in playing in the Highlands Acro Club!


McGrew Headshot Front Final

Future-Self Vision Quest Workshop
with Rev. Michele McGrew
Saturday, July 9 from 2 pm to 4 pm
Investment: $25 per person

Whether you’re at a crossroad in life …
Or you’re curious about your best next step in your career or relationship …This unique workshop gives you a sneak peek at what lies ahead. In this 2-hour experiential class, metaphysical minister Michele McGrew will guide you on a journey through time and space to meet your Future Self.*** Bring a journal and get ready to …****Discover your Inspired Desire and Soul Essence. (This is like your soul’s “true north.” Follow it and you’ll never go wrong.)*Receive the guidance and support you need right now … to make the best decisions for your future.* Begin to map out your next steps so you can take the inspired action needed to turn your vision into reality.

All the answers you need are already inside you. You just need an experienced guide to help you tap into that wisdom … So you can step into your future with confidence.***$25 Per Person in Advance ($30 at the Door)
Limited Seats!***



The Big Glow One Day Retreat with Author and International Speaker Brian Piergrossi! Brian is an Amazing teacher and is committed to building Conscious Community here in Highlands with us! We are so honored every time he is able to drop in to play and connect us all together! His books “The Big Glow” and “The Wow Of The Now” are available here for his retreats, they are game changers that you can pick up and read time and time again. Sleeping arrangements are available if you are coming in from out of town, we have a Blast!

$50 Self Investment